SWANN SWDVK-445802V-UK 4-Channel Full HD 1080p Smart Security System


  • Monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet
  • Includes 2 cameras
  • Works with selected Swann CCTV kits
  • Remote viewing with the HomeSafe View app


Top features:

– Set and forget recording won’t fill up the hard drive for a year

– Motion and heat detection doesn’t record when there’s nothing happening

– 1080p thermal cameras see everything, regardless of lighting conditions

– Monitor from your phone with notifications when motion is detected

Set and forget recording

With a 1 TB hard drive, you can set the cameras up and not have to worry about the hard drive’s memory for a year. You can connect the Swann SWDVK-445802V-UK 4-Channel Full HD 1080p Smart Security System to your Dropbox account too, creating even more storage space. And with Google Voice assistant you can control your security camera with simple voice commands and call up views on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

Motion and heat detection

Rather than recording 24/7, you can make use of the motion and heat sensors. These will reliably detect people, cars, large pets, and other large heat-generating objects, so you don’t get hours and hours of footage of empty rooms. The accurate motion detection allows you to eliminate false triggers due to wind, leaves falling, bugs, or rain, saving you from uninteresting footage of your garden.

1080p thermal cameras

The surveillance cameras have night vision with a range of over 30 m, easily covering any room and most gardens.

Monitor from your phone

Push notifications to your smartphone or tablet mean you can monitor everything from the palm of your hand, so you will always have peace of mind that your premises are protected.


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